When Is the Right Time to Start Potty Training?

Kids usually begin to have control over their bladder and bowel movements at anywhere between 18 to 24 months and fully master it until 36 months, which means that this age is the most appropriate for them to train for the potty and get rid of those diapers. Potty training is, by all means, relief for parents. It is because they will no longer be changing the messy diapers and buying a jumbo pack every other day. Also, potty training is a great step for kids as well toward independence in their preschool life. 

However, there’s no standard age to train your child for the potty. It can start as early as one year or until they turn three. It depends on their ability to learn and implement, bladder control, and readiness of the child towards the process. We have some tips for potty training

Why Parents Should Start Potty Training Early?

The earlier you start potty training your child, the better it is for him/her. There are different reasons why. The first one is that children who are taught to use the potty training seat before the age of three are more likely to be able to control their bladder and bowel movements on their own. And when they are older, they’ll be more comfortable with toileting at home and at school.

The next reason why it is a good idea to start potty training early is that by the time your child is able to control their bladder when at a preschool stage, he/she will be more mature and able to handle it with ease. This will result in fewer potty training accidents at school or daycare. When kids are able to control their bladder at three, they would have practiced the entire process beforehand and will respond well to it. RIGHT TIME TO START POTTY TRAINING

When you start potty training, make sure you take things slow and steady. Your child will need a lot of patience and understanding during the entirety of the process. When toddlers are trained at an early age i.e., between 18 to 36 months, it will be a relief for parents to go slow and steady without rushing for it. 

What is the Best Age to Potty Train Girls?

Girls sometimes have contrasting habits to boys even when they are toddlers. It is believed that girls are more adaptive learners to potty training than boys. However, when training girls for the potty, the parents should know they can be more difficult than boys. The training can be started as early as twelve months and will be continued till she reaches the age of three, or sometimes four. There are some best potty training seats for girls

The time girl toddlers reach the age of two years, they are more mature than their younger counterparts. This also means that girls are in better control of their bladders and bowel movements at the age of 18 to 24 months. 

Why Girls are More Difficult to Potty Train than Boys?

Since girls gain control of their bladder and bowel movements earlier than boys, girls are still harder to handle than boys when potty training. There are a number of reasons why girls are more difficult to potty train than boys.

  • Girls have a higher sensitivity to pain and discomfort. They are also more likely distracted by other things than boys.
  • Girls also have a harder time concentrating on the potty training process than boys do.
  • They are also more prone to accidents than boys, and they need more encouragement to use the toilet correctly.
  • It is easier for boys to concentrate on one thing at a time because they have less of an attention span than girls do.
  • Also, girls require constant encouragement to use the toilet correctly more than boys.

You should start training the girl toddler when she is still young enough to be easily potty trained. Start with one area, then the second, and continue until she is fully trained. Potty training girls is short yet tedious compared with the boys’ training which takes time but is easier than coaching girls for the potty. 

What is the Right Way to Potty Train My Toddler?

There is no right or wrong way to potty train your toddler. However, there are some tips that will help you get the best results out of the process.

  • You can start by giving your child a reward once he or she goes pee or poop on the potty. This way, the toddler will know that going to the potty is not just another chore.
  • Make sure you give your toddler a chance to practice peeing or pooping in the bathroom before starting with the training in the living room.
  • Also, make sure that your toddler understands the difference between peeing and pooping. Once he or she is old enough to understand this difference, you can start to teach your child to use the potty.
  • It may take a while for your toddler to master going to the bathroom on his or her own. It is normal for toddlers to have accidents sometimes. The first time your toddler goes to the bathroom by himself, don’t expect him to do it on command. Give him the time to observe and practice on his own. 
  • To help get your child used to using the toilet, you can put a potty in a corner of the bathroom so she will know where to go. Put a mirror in front of the potty or place some toys to get them to spend more time in the toilet or the potty chair that they love to use.


There is no best age or time to start potty training girls or boys. The best time to start potty training is only when your kid is up for it and is responding to the process with attention and is making progress in it. Parents should start training their kids anytime between the age of potty training of 12 months to 36 months. If it is taking longer than that, be it.

The time it takes to fully train a child for the potty also varies from a few weeks to months or more than that. It solely depends on the toddler’s ability to control their bladder and bowel movements and their receptivity to the system. Sooner or later, your kid will finally master the skill. If they have not yet after reaching the age of four, consult a pediatrician for help. 

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