What are the Right Time and Methods to Potty Train Girls?

Potty training boys and girls have never been the same for parents who have experienced it. Naturally, this is one of the most important life skills you will teach your child, and you need to be prepared for the struggles.

If you are reading a lot of books and videos about potty training girls, you will be surprised to know that most potty training techniques do not work. Some potty training tips are actually dangerous and will cause more problems than they can solve.

Potty training does not technically require toiling around your baby and keeping everything alright. It is more about adopting the right technique when making them potty on the training chair and later on the toilet training seat.

How Do I Know My Daughter is Ready for Potty Training?

It takes a lot of patience and persistence on your part when potty training girls or boys. Training girls to potty is trickier than potty-training boys. It is because girls are naturally more cautious and nervous about this new and different situation. Girls don’t want to be seen in public without a diaper on. They can be embarrassed by what they do in the bathroom and will try to avoid doing it at all costs. Boys are more curious and adventurous, so they are much easier to train.ARE THE RIGHT TIME AND METHODS TO POTTY TRAIN GIRLS?

Girls are also curious about the toilet and they might just ask questions about it. If they ever start asking questions about the potty or if their diapers stay dry through regular intervals, know that it is time for potty training. However, girls are shy and require more care and attention when they are ready for the process. If they are shying away to show what they have done in the diapers, let them know that they should start doing it on the potty chair.

Girls are good imitators, and they will always try to mimic what their parents would do. When they are ready for potty training, they will imitate what others do. If they are more than 18 months old and are parodying everything that parents do, it is time to get them started with potty training.

How to Potty Train Girls?

The big day is coming up and you’re wondering what to do with your little one. You’ve tried everything and have been at it for weeks, but still, she isn’t trained.

What do you do?

Potty training girls has always been different than boys. If you are a parent of a boy, you will know that potty training is not that difficult. In fact, most of the time, it is an easy task to complete. However, if you have a girl child, you have to take extra precautions because she is more sensitive. The following tips would help your girl child to potty train fast:

Offer them the Right Support

Give your daughter the right support when potty training. When speaking of girls, potty training is no easy feat. It can take up to 4 years for a girl to fully develop her skills to potty on their own. Therefore, she may not be able to understand the concept of using the toilet immediately. On average, it may take up to 3 years to potty train a girl toddler. For boys, anywhere between 18 to 30 months would suffice.

Be Patient

Being patient is another important point when training girls to potty. Girls take more time to train for potty than boys; however, they are less problematic than boys during the process. For girls, it may take as long as six months or even longer in knowing how to use the toilet. During this time, she might try to urinate in inappropriate places. The key is to never give up on her and to keep encouraging her to do better.

Start with Slighter Steps

When teaching your daughter how to use the toilet, start with a smaller step. Try to introduce her to the idea of peeing in the toilet by having her pee in a small bucket that you can put under the toilet.

Gradually move her to the urinals and then the potty chairs. Eventually, she may be able to go into the bathroom, sit down on the toilet, pull down her panties, and pee in the toilet.

Give them Belief

Girls get scared more often than boys on the potty training chair. She may be scared of the potty because she has no idea what it is or what it is for at the start. If she can sit on a chair or stool, then you can teach her how to use it. You may also use a toilet trainer or toilet seat cover. This will help her to become familiar with the potty and to be able to tell when she needs to use the toilet.

Buy them Training Pants

Training pants are great starter kits for kids when transitioning from diapers to undies. When training them with the potty chair, make them pee and poop in the toilet. However, if you have no luck with her using the toilet by herself, then consider getting her some potty-training pants to prevent accidents and unwanted leakages.WHAT ARE THE RIGHT TIME AND METHODS TO POTTY TRAIN GIRLS

These are pants that come up over her underwear and have a special part in them that makes it easy for her to pee and poop into. You can help her get used to wearing these and then try to get her to go to the bathroom without them. This will give her the confidence to do it on her own.

In a Nutshell

Girls are better off in manners and privacy than boys. They tend to shy away from getting naked when potty training and are more passive during the training process than boys. Girls are sluggish yet good learners when it comes to potty training. When training girls to potty in the training chair that they love to use and then the toilet, make sure to make them believe in themselves, give them the right tools to train for potty, and assume a stepwise potty training approach when moving from diapers to training pants, and later to the big seat.

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