Training Pants vs Underwear in Potty Training

When your kid has finally transitioned from diapers to training pants and underwear in the later stages of potty training, it is time to understand what the best time is to make them wear the cloth pants. If you do not know what to choose, training pants vs best underwear comparison will help.

Before choosing what’s best for your kid’s potty training needs, let’s overview both types.

Training Pants

Training pants are undergarments designed specifically for kids and babies during and after potty training. Training pants are made of soft fabric to prevent chaffing and rubbing of skin and protect kids from leaks and occasional potty accidents.

Training pants are usually made out of cotton or soft polymer and are designed to fit snugly around your child’s waist with elastic waistbands to keep them up and around the waist. The best thing about training pants is that they are washable and easy to clean.Best Training Pants vs Underwear in Potty Training

What’s great about training pants is that they are available in many different designs. You can choose between a design with long legs or short legs or buy a design with elastic waistbands or non-elastic waistbands. The flexibility makes training pants the best available choice when your kid is ready to get rid of diapers.

How to Use Potty Training Pants?

Most parents, regardless of their age of potty training, would prefer to use training pants over underwear because it is easier to take off and put on than underwear. The training pants are also easy to wash and dry for you.

The training pants usually have a pull-up mechanism that allows the child to urinate or defecate without having to get up from the training seat. This is very convenient for the parents especially when they are at work or busy with other stuff.


Underwear is the most common type of clothing in children’s wardrobes. However, underwear has no protective layering that prevents potty accidents during night and day and leaks after the child has completed potty training. Parents should only switch to undies when the kids have fully completed their potty training. When buying underwear for kids, make sure they fit well and are comfortable for your kid.

The underwear comes in different sizes and designs. For children, comfort and breathability are usually preferred over fashion. Therefore, the design does not matter as long as it is comfortable for your toddler.

Select carefully the following types of underwear for kids after completion of their potty training.


These are the most common underwear for kids. Undies are the best for keeping the body temperature cool and comfortable in the daytime and at night. They are made with cotton or other soft fabrics. For children with sensitive skin, undies should be carefully selected.


These are the second most common underwear for kids. They come in two types – pull-on and button. The buttoned underpants have an elastic waistband and come in all sizes for toddlers and older kids. Pull-on underpants are the simplest and best choice for toddlers and preschoolers. They can be easily pulled on and off with no buttons to click. When potty training, underpants help kids move freely and potty without getting stuck.


These are the most commonly used underwear for kids. It comes in all sizes from babies to teens. The design is usually very simple and comfortable. Toddlers usually wear tights because they make it easier to go to the bathroom.Pants vs Underwear in Potty Training

Training Pants vs Underwear

Both the training pants and underwear offer great relief to parents as well as comfort to kids when switching from dirty, itching diapers. Underwear usually does not have protective layering from accidental leakages. Potty training pants, however, offer somewhat acceptable leakage protection from pee and poo to your little one.

Parents should start with training pants after the toddler has completed his potty training and move to the underwear stage once they are sure that the potty accidents are infrequent and occasional.

The only downside of training pants is that they are not as comfortable as underwear. They do not allow airflow and moisture to get away from the skin.

Training pants are similar to underwear except that they are thicker and longer. The training pants are made to be used as a pant. The elastic waistband of the pants provides support for your child. They also provide a nice fit and keep the crotch area warm in cold weather.

Underwear is generally made for nighttime wear. They are thinner and less bulky than training pants. There are also some styles of underwear that come with built-in pads. Also, the underwear provides protection for sensitive skin in the crotch area.

The Final Word

After potty training has been completed, it is time to test your toddler without diapers, and the best way to practice this is with training pants and underwear. However, parents should start with training pants as they partially cover up the leakages and other potty accidents. Underwear, on the other hand, offers no such protection and is open to leaks and spillages.

If your child already wears underwear, make sure they fit well. Check that the waistband is comfortable and that there is enough room in the crotch. Don’t forget to check if the child can pull them down easily when urinating or defecating. It would be better if the underwear can be pulled up easily too. When your kid is having lesser potty accidents with the training pants on them, it is time to switch to undies for comfort.

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