Top 5 Creative Ways to Celebrate your Toddler’s Potty Training Success

For toddlers and parents, a potty training completion is a momentous event. It means the transition from diapers to underwear has been completed and the little one is ready to make a big step in their journey to becoming an independent, potty-trained individual. For parents, it also means a new milestone in their lives and a time for a worthy celebration! The hard work has finally paid off and it’s time to have fun for both.

When your child has successfully completed his potty training, it is time to develop some new routines and habits. This will help you and your child have a positive experience when it comes to using the bathroom successfully.Ways to Celebrate your Toddler's Potty Training Success

On completion of a tedious and challenging task for parents and a defining, life-changing event for toddlers, celebrating the success would mark a positive impact on your child’s confidence. Rejoicing it will also make sure that they will keep up the excellent work in the age of potty training and for the rest of their lives as well.

There are many ways to celebrate your toddler’s potty training success. The most important thing is that it should be fun for parents and toddlers when they are going to commemorate this momentous event. Our top-5 potty training celebration ideas will surely ring bells if it doesn’t until now.

We have compiled the five most creative and fun ways to celebrate your toddler’s potty training success:

  1. Potty Party

    If your toddler has finally done it, then you need to prepare for a special potty party to celebrate the success. The idea is to have a fun party where the guests are not allowed to use the bathroom. During the party, your child will not be allowed to get out of the toilet seat. You can use a plastic tablecloth for a table and place some balloons on it. Then, make sure that there is a bucket of water underneath the table.
    Put a big sign up saying “potty party” in the bathroom. Then, when the guests arrive, you can take them to the bathroom and ask them if they want to use the bathroom. If they say yes, then you can take them to the bathroom and tell them that they can’t go into the bathroom unless they are wearing their best underpants or a diaper. Make sure that your kid is wearing undies for the potty party.
    Your child will surely be excited if you have a potty party. Parents must follow some essentials for their kid’s potty training.
  2. Dessert Celebration

    The dessert party could be celebrated with or without guests. You can use some balloons to decorate the house, and then, serve a special dessert such as ice cream to the guests.
    It is good to have the cake decorated with stars or flowers or you can make the cake look like a toilet seat. It could also be like a little potty with a flower in the middle or it could be a little diaper on the cake to celebrate the good riddance of diapers from your toddler’s life.
    You can make your cake look like the seat from the bathroom, and then, write something funny on the cake such as, “Here’s to your success!” or “Welcome to the Toilet Club!”.
  3. Everything’s Made of Potty

    This idea might seem a bit wayward and ridiculous for adults, but it would be a great fun way to celebrate your toddler’s potty training completion. He will love it. Here, everything will look like it’s a thing from the bathroom.
    The balloons, desserts, cake, and decorations that you will prepare to celebrate your child’s potty training completion will be very important in the celebration. Decorate the balloons in such a way that they look like a potty training chair. Customize the cake with a potty seat, a diaper, tissue paper, or anything they adored during the potty training. Garnish the desserts with poopy textures to cherish the ‘everything made of potty’ celebrations.
  4. A Gift

    Your toddler would love a reward for their potty training completion. It would be nice if you can give him something he can use later. It can be toys, books, games, clothes, stickers, a watch, a toddler’s tablet, or anything else that they can play with and appreciate. It’s important for them to know that they have earned something.Creative Ways to Celebrate your Toddler's Potty Training Success
    You can buy a gift at a store or a homemade gift would be a great present as well. Put the gift inside a box and wrap it with colorful sheets and a ribbon on top. This is a great idea if your child likes to open presents. If they are old enough, ask them what kinds of gifts they like most or buy a present which will be of great value to them.
  5. Take them to the Playland

    A fun-filled day out would be a great way to celebrate the potty-training success of your toddler. Take them to a park, a zoo, or any place where they will have a good time playing and enjoying themselves. A playland trip with games and fun rides will definitely make it a day worth remembrance.
    It is a good idea to spend time with them. Try to do things together that they like doing. This will make them feel that you care for them. Dedicate an entire day to them and give them attention, buy them ice creams, and have ridden together. Also, show them potty training videos. You can bring their best friend along if possible.


It’s hard to believe that our children have hit this milestone. But at the same time, it’s not just about success. It’s also about the ways in which we celebrate these successes and build on them. For parents wanting to celebrate their toddler’s potty training success with a big party or even an exciting party theme, the top five hints mentioned in the blog would be a perfect headstart.

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