Reasons Why Your Toddler is Not Responding to the Potty Training?

Toddlers have their brains wide open for novel experiences and the skills they would need later in life. Therefore, it becomes quite easier to train them for virtually anything.
But sometimes, a toddler might not be ready for certain skills until they’re older. Potty training is one of those skills. You can’t force toddlers to learn it all by themselves. It requires adequate training and perseverance.Why Your Toddler is Not Responding to the Potty Training?

There are several reasons why potty training is an important skill to teach to your toddler. The first reason is that it helps them feel like adults. If you let your child use the potty when they’re old enough, they will start to understand what it means to be an adult.

Potty training is a simple process that involves training your toddler to use the bathroom or toilet for urination and defecation without needing diapers or training pants. This process usually takes place when your child is between the ages of 2-and-a-half to 4 years old at most.

However, it is important to note that this process can take longer than you expect. The first thing you need to do before starting potty training is to know the best time to start. Parents must acknowledge the need for their toddler to ditch diapers and move to the training chair and ultimately to the adult toilet.

Why Your Toddler is Not Responding to Potty Training?

If your kid is not responding to the potty training, the problem may be at your end. Parents may not be training the right way, or it could be too little for the toddler to know the process, or it could be something else that you might be aware of.

If your kid is not responding or is having difficulties getting along with the potty training process, it could be due to the following reasons:

It is Not the Time Yet!

Most kids will be ready for the big potty before they are ready for the big diaper. For example, if you start a potty training schedule at age 2, you should expect your kid to be able to use the potty by age 3-ish. Each kid has his/her customized timetable when training for potty. If they are not interested enough, it could be the age factor. They might be needing another few months before it’s time.

They Don’t See Any Advantage In It

Toddlers will have a hard time if they do not see the benefits of potty training. If they are not curious about the process, they will not want to learn it. You need to show them the benefits.

To make them interested in the potty training, reward them, buy them new toys or give them something that is related to what they will be learning. The rewards can be anything that you choose. You could even let them decide their reward. When they will come to know about the benefits on the sidelines, they will definitely build interest in it.

They Find it Hard to Understand

When potty training your toddler, you should start off with easy things first. For example, if you begin training your kid on the potty chair, you should start off with using the chair in the bedroom. It is better if your kid learns in a controlled environment. This way, he/she won’t be confused when learning how to use the potty. Create a step-wise plan and make things simpler for the children. They will learn more quickly when it isn’t complicated.

They are Afraid of Potty Seat

When sitting in the potty seat, they might fear falling into it. The fear of falling in the toilet is common in toddlers who have just started going to it. To fend off their fear of the toilet, demonstrate by sitting on the toilet in front of them. Do not start right away with the potty seat. Instead, make them sit on the potty training chair and move to the potty seat that they love to use after a few weeks.

If your kid is afraid of potty training, then you need to do the right things. You should talk to him/her about what is going on and why. Your kid will eventually feel better once he/she knows that they can control their bladder.

How to Keep your Toddler Stay Interested in Potty Training

You’re not going to find any magic potions or tricks here, but I do think that some of the things that you do will help make it easier for your toddler to stay interested.

• First of all, it’s important to be patient and consistent with your toddler when it comes to potty training. You might need to put a lot of time into this process, but if you do it right, you’ll get results.

• When you start your toddler on the potty training journey, make sure that you give them a day or two off each week. Your child might get bored if you are always on them about using the potty.Your Toddler is Not Responding to the Potty Training?

• When they first start using the potty, try to give them some encouragement. If they do it right, you can say, “Well done! You did it!” If they don’t, encourage them to do it again.

• Comfortable clothing is the key to potty training success. When buying toddler underwear and pants, make sure that they fit comfortably and are easy to get on and off. It’s important to purchase potty training underpants for toddlers that have a crotch that is big enough for their legs to fit through.

• If you know that your child has an issue with wetting the bed, then you’ll want to consider purchasing a bed pan. This will allow you to easily clean up any accidents that your child might have in the middle of the night. A cozy and waterproof bedsheet would do the trick as well for bedwetters.

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