Potty Training Tips At Daycare

Daycares are the best training spaces for toddlers to learn socially important things like how to dress, eat, behave, and what is expected of them. These are the place where a child gets his/her first taste of independence and responsibility. They provide the best environment for learning as they have experienced parents as instructors who take an active role in the child’s development. From sports to learning numbers and alphabets, daycares provide children with the best pre-school education before inducting them into an educational institute. 

In many daycare facilities, the staff makes sure that children must transform their diaper habits into toilet-going habits. This is done by making sure that children are not wearing diapers when they go to the bathroom and that they are cleaned up properly after. Some daycare facilities make sure that kids must learn potty training at home. For daycare staff, it becomes daunting to help each kid in the potty training process. However, there are a few tips and tricks for potty training at daycare that might help instructors to deliver their best in making kids learn how to potty collectively. 

Potty Training Tips for Parents 

The first step is to get the child used to the potty chair, then the parent can sit down while the child is using the portable potty chair. The second step is to get the child used to sit on the potty chair in the bathroom. This is a great way for the child to learn how to use the toilet without having to go into the bathroom. You need to sit on the toilet with the child so they can see you are there and that it is ok to go into the bathroom.

You can also try the following: Have the child go to the potty chair and sit down before you enter the room. When you enter the room, make sure you follow the child to the potty chair. When you leave the room, have the child stand up and follow you to the potty chair. In this way, the child will grasp the concept of potty on the toilet seat by seeing their parents’ actions. It would provide children with action-reaction learning as children at this age always imitate their parents’ actions. 

When they are ready to get enrolled in daycare, tell your child’s daycare provider about your kid’s eating and potty habits in detail. In this way, it would be less tiresome for the kid and their instructor in keeping things in order and will make your kid learn faster. 

When sending your child to the daycare facility, don’t forget to add the following items to the kid’s bag, which are:

  • Extra clothing 
  • diapers 
  • Wet wipes and tissues 
  • Drinking water
  • Fruits or fresh juices 

Potty Training Tips for Daycare Instructors 

Daycare trainers are often instructed to make kids learn potty training early. Some kids have a natural aptitude for potty training while others may need extra help to get there. A few effective methods and exercises to make kids learn to potty in the toilet faster are listed below. 

1. Reward-based training

When potty training kids at daycare, offer them tiny rewards for their good behavior. For example, you can give them a small piece of candy or playtime after they’ve gone in the potty. You can also reward your child when he or she goes to the bathroom instead of telling you but be careful with this approach. You don’t want to make it so easy that your child is going to think they’re not allowed to use the potty anymore if they miss one. 

2. Give them time to settle down

Do not rush the kids to the bathroom if they feel an urge to potty. It’s okay to give them a little more time. Do not allow a child to wear a diaper when he or she has just had a bowel movement. If the child is having trouble keeping a bowel movement, you may want to get them to the doctor after seeking their parents’ permission. Look for signs that indicate bladder infections. If a child has a bladder infection, he or she may have a fever and may be very thirsty. 

3. Give them Nap Training 

If a kid sleeps at daycare, make sure they have a diaper on them during sleep. If you need to leave the room for any reason, make sure they are covered up. Discuss with parents about the potty timings or if they potty during sleep. If the sleeping time coincides with potty time, wake them up during sleep or make sure they potty before going to sleep. These practices will set their potty timings perfectly and they won’t potty during sleep. 


Potty training is an essential part along with many other chores your kid must learn before or during Montessori. Your kids will have a lot more confidence in themselves once they are able to master the art of using the toilet. In addition, they will be less likely to wet their beds as they will know that there is a proper place for them to go when they need to urinate or defecate. For kids that go to daycare facilities, it is important for parents to talk to the daycare instructor about their kids’ routine habits and potty timings. In this way, daycare instructors would be more effective in helping kids to potty on time. 

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