Prince Lionheart Potty Training Seat Review

Prince Lionheart Potty Training Seat Review

Kids Prince Lionheart Potty Seat Review

  1. Robust & Pragmatic Design

For first-timers, it seems the most difficult task on earth to raise a growing kid. All you need is a simple and effective tool to elevate from diapers to anPrince Lionheart Potty Training Seat design actual potty seat. Prince Lionheart potty trainer is a magnificent tool for helping parents ease their parental hardships.

The design is made attractive for kids and safe for parents in letting the babies enjoy their training on an actual toilet seat. The BPA-free plastic is made with a triple-layered, safe, and healthy construction that helps kids and parents do their training successfully till the end.

The oval design helps kids adjust swiftly to a new seat. Kids won’t hesitate to sit on a colorful potty trainer as long as it feels secure. There are multiple security features added to deliver the security parents require in a potty trainer. The plastic is unbreakable and portable anywhere, thanks to its adjustable bottom and overall tensile construction.

  1. Hazard-free for Kids

Prince Lionheart Potty Training Seat Common plastics are not safe for kids. Meanwhile, Prince Lionheart potty trainer has no hazardous chemicals and bad additives at all in its composition. It features completely secure EPA-approved plastic materials to resist microbial germs and bacteria. The germs won’t stand a chance on the plastic surface, thanks to the standard safety procedures strictly followed by the manufacturer.

The surface is made smooth and silky for kids to enjoy longer minutes on their training pots. The slippery surface resists bacterial accumulation on the training seat and makes sure your baby’s tender skin won’t itch or get rashes after continuous usage.

  1. Added Security

For kids to help themselves out without fearing mishaps, the dual grips are attached to the left and right of the potty trainer. If a child is reluctant to sit on an adult toilet seat, these handles boost confidence and a sense of security in them for later. Besides, the converging edges enclose the baby’s body so that they won’t fall off when having a potty.

The dual grips also help kids in wiping off or washing the accumulated fluids and splashes from the surface. Prince Lionheart trainer is easy to use and reuse for its slopy top and rugged bottom.

  1. Muddle-free Potty Training for Boys

For boys, a splashguard is readily installed with the main hardware that prevents pee from coming out of the oval. A slippery bump on the pot’s front helps kids urinate freely and mess-free, and for parents, it saves from unnecessary floor cleaning or changing their little one’s garments after eachkids Prince Lionheart Potty Seat training session.

  1. Portable & Adjustable

Prince Lionheart potty trainer is portable enough to fit a corner in your car’s trunk. To make kids feel at home while getting on with their training on the go, Prince Lionheart will do the job meticulously. The rubbery bottom edges lock into any toilet size or type in a snap. Also, the non-skid bottom prevents dislocation while kids get their training.

The potty seat works best for kids over 18 months. It is designed to endure heavy loads without getting bent or deformed. The elasticity is superb and it will last a lifetime.

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