Jool Baby Potty Training Seat Review

Potty Training Seat for Boys And Girls, Fits Round & Oval Toilet

Jool Baby Potty Training Seat Review

  1. Universal Fit

What would happen when your favorite colored potty trainer won’t fit inside the toilet seat? Jool Baby clears away the frustration with its all-toiletJool Baby Potty Training Seat universal design that fits all standard toilet seats worldwide. The carefully designed oval-shaped potty training seat works with round and oval toilets perfectly. It has special non-skid edges that cling to the toilet surface and mold the trainer seat accordingly.

The internal diameter is constructed rugged enough to fasten up with a smooth toilet seat surface. Moreover, the plastic doesn’t expand or contract to deformation after years of continuous usage. It retains the shape and shines for years with a similar feel and outlook for a long time.

  1. Splendid Security Features

A good potty trainer is always packed with a plethora of security features. Jool Baby trainer has already passed all the security tests with flying colors from the leading laboratories in the US and Europe. The BPA-free plastic construction is first in line. A smooth surface is equally safe for kids to carry on with their potty learning experiences without getting bottom rashes. The plastic resists stains on its surface which helps in swaying away microbial germs on the training seat for a long time.

Kids feel unsecured when switching from a training pot to an actual toilet seat. Jool Baby worked out this problem by installing a special non-slip bottom to the seat edges. The non-slip rubber locks perfectly with the toilet seat’s surface, never allowing the trainer to skid away in any case. Get your kids on the training seat with confidence and security throughout their potty learning processes.

  1. Travel Light with Jool Baby

Jool Baby Potty Training Seat For travel Babies get attached to their potty trainers sometimes. Leaving their favorite potty seat would be a disaster when travelling. Jool Baby trainer’s lightweight construction is feasible for both home and travel. It weighs 8.2oz only. Carry it around in your car’s back without fearing that it will break or deform. Also, it takes a slight space and never bends when more luggage is stacked onto it.

  1. Effortless Storage

Portable training seats require a permanent place in the bathroom for emergency usage. To help parents with the storage issues, Baby Jool comes with a wall hook for placing the trainer beside an adult toilet seat. It helps parents in finding and placing the potty seats instantly when needed. Always place hooks in proximity to the toilet seats for kids to help themselves in placing the trainer seat when required.

  1. Easy to Clean

Boys require specific care when potty training. To prevent boys from creating muddles on the toilet floor and training seats, always buy a training seatbest Jool Baby Potty Training Seat with an integrated splash guard. Jool Baby potty trainer has it with a smooth and rash-free slope that helps boys urinate without messing up the surroundings.

Splashguard saves precious parenting minutes otherwise consumed in tidying up the stains from everywhere. A clean training session results in stress-free parenting and a happy ending for your little ones.

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