Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer Review

Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer Review

Baby Bjorn Toilet Seat Review

  1. Simplistic Design

Baby Bjorn Toilet SeatAn easy-to-understand toilet trainer works best for kids and parents alike. Babybjorn toilet trainer is built with an awesome-looking smooth surface and sturdy edges to fit inside all the adult toilets. Also, the ergonomic design is assisted with an unmatched perfection to adjust with almost any toilet size. Fit once to a toilet with its movable dial and make use of it without altering each time.

The design is enhanced in this newer version with a smoother surface and urinal-assistance splashguard for boys. The guard is designed especially for parents to save time in cleaning off the mess when boys are done with their training session.

  1. Easy to Install & Operate

Baby Bjorn Toilet Seat Installation

Babybjorn trainers are overly simplistic in fitting around any toilet setting and size. The rubber coating allows for non-slip locking onto any toilet. There’s an adjustable dial below that helps Babybjorn trainers tighten up with any seat in a snap. The dial is a remarkable tool to convert any lavatory to your baby’s training toilet.

The trainer delivers ease of operation to kids and worry-free cleaning after the kids are done with the potty. The external design features round and smooth openings that help children play and move on the potty seat without getting bumps and rashes. The easy operation enables kids to learn faster in completing their training time and getting on the toilet seats without parental assistance.

  1. Improved Safety for Kids

Unhealthy microbes are always there in a lavatory. They may harm baby skin more intensely than adults. To prevent it, the Babybjorn kids pottyBaby Bjorn Toilet Seat for kids training seat is made with completely safe plastic material and an additional coating to help kids in fighting the dreadful toilet germs. Babybjorn toilet seats meet all the safety standards in both Europe and the USA.

BPA-free plastics are tested rigorously by the manufacturer for final assurance before delivery. Also, the plastics are made free of all the other hazardous chemicals that may react with a baby’s skin.

  1. Clean up in Seconds

Baby Bjorn Toilet SeatBabybjorn toilet seat is exceptionally trouble-free when cleaning the heaps. A sleek surface won’t allow potty or urine to pile upon it. It only takes a few wipe strokes to make it tidy for the next usage. If not, rinse off with hot water to get rid of minor bacteria if any. The inward design readily clears off stains by itself. If not, it only takes a few seconds to clear away the remaining surface with moist wipes.

After a quick cleaning operation, hang it nearby with Babybjorn’s built-in handle. The handling grip works simultaneously in helping clean up quickly and to provide assistance in attaching to a hook inside a toilet. Always wipe off with a moist fabric for better results.

  1. Made for Girls and Boys

Babybjorn toilet trainer is a unisex seat with an additional splashguard for boys. For girls, it never hinders the basic training features because of its integrated splash guard. Let them get acquainted with it and they will do it without parental help after a few attempts. For kids lesser than 18 months, it is better to bring together a toilet stool with the training seat for safety.

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