Potty Training Essentials for Kids & Parents

Potty training might be a tiresome task for kids, yet a great learning turf for the kiddos who are about to transform themselves with the primary life skill for the rest of their lives. Potty training is usually done by parents in most cases and by nannies and daycare potty training instructors sometimes. Whoever does it, the training process must be performed meticulously to make your child learn the skill in the least time and with perfection. 

During the potty training process, certain things are required by the trainer for successful completion. These items include diapers, training pants, training pads, a potty seat, water bottles, toys, rewards, a timer, a potty training book, potty training videos, and lots of patience. If you do not have all these items, you are ready to get started with potty training. 

Things to do Before the Training Process

The nannies and daycare potty training will need to start training when the child is at least twelve months old, depending on how long you want to train her, but you can train her even earlier as well. The trainer must teach the kid about the right place to go to the bathroom, and that he has to always go there when he is alone. She will also have to learn about different body parts and how to clean them.

The trainer will first teach your child about the toilet by placing a potty in front of the child’s play area and asking him to use it. After this, the trainer will ask the child to show her where he uses the bathroom. She will then explain to the child what he needs to do when he goes to the bathroom. It is important that the trainer explains to the child that he should only go to the bathroom when he is completely undressed, and not while wearing pajamas.

During the Training Process

When the training has finally started, make sure to keep the essentials by your side, which will include portable toilet pots, napkins, wipes, and more to successfully complete the process. A few essential items that should be required when potty training your child include:

1. Toilet Papers:

 Potty Training Essentials for Kids & Parents

Toilet papers are the most essential potty training items required for your child. You can choose one from various toilet paper types i.e., rolled, soft, or soft toilet papers with wings.

2. Napkins:

Napkins are also a necessity for your child’s potty training. They should be soft and made of fabric that does not easily get wet. It is best to purchase them in the color of your child’s favorite toy or cartoon character.

3. Potty Trainer Pads:

Potty trainer pads are designed to be used as a substitute for toilet paper. The pads come in two different shapes: round and rectangular. Round potty trainer pads are soft and do not easily get wet. Rectangular ones are more durable than round ones but are not very soft.

4. Toilet Brush:

Toilet brushes are among the most essential items required by the trainer. A toilet brush will help you clean up any mess that may arise during potty training. There are various types of brushes available in the market i.e., small and large brushes.

5. Wipes:

Wipes are must-haves when your child starts potty training. They will help your child get cleaned up quickly without itching or rashing their body. They can be used as a substitute for toilet paper or as a liner to keep the pad clean.

6. Potty Training Pants:

Potty Training Essentials for Kids

Potty training pants are another essential item that you need to buy for your child. They should be comfortable enough for your child and should not cause any harm to their skin.

7. Training Pad:

A training pad will keep your child from touching anything else while in the bathroom. You can comfortably find these potty training pads from any brick-and-mortar store or online. 

8. Potty Chair:

A potty chair is great if you have a small space to put your child’s potty. They can also be used as a seat for your child when they are ready to use the potty. Potty training seats are often used for emergency potty or when the actual seat is preoccupied, or the child has not come at a suitable age for potty training on the actual seat. 


Potty training requires formidable patience along with the essential items during the process. Sometimes, parents get frustrated during potty training, which results in more difficulties for kids as well as parents. The key to potty training is to have a proper plan and the right tools to execute that plan. These tools are the essentials that you must have when training your little one. With the proper plan and essential items at your disposal, it takes only a few weeks to get the job well done. 

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