How To Transition A Potty Chair Kid To A Toilet Seat Kid

When transitioning your toddler from a potty training chair to an adult toilet, extra care must be taken before making the change. There are various triggers that enable kids to finally sit in the potty seat without resistance.

This includes the right kind of potty seat, the right position, and the right time of day. It is also important to keep your child’s comfort in mind when transitioning from a potty chair to a toilet.POTTY CHAIR KID TO A TOILET SEAT KID

Kids must be sufficiently trained before finally making it to the big seat. It could take a few weeks or months before it’s time for adult toilet training.

How can a parent possibly know if their kid is going the right way and is ready to make the transition? There are various signs that parents must look for when making their kids switch to the potty seat in the later stages of potty training. These are:

  1. Your Child Starts Pooping in the Potty Chair
    When the child starts pooping in his potty chair without bothering their parents very much, it means that he is ready for the transition from potty chair to toilet. It is a sign that your child is ready to be trained. When kids take longer to poop in the potty training chair that they love to use, it means they are enjoying the training and will easily make it to the potty seat. Parents should know if their child is taking more than usual time to stay in the training chair. Move them to the toilet seat if they are taking longer to complete the task.
  2. Your Child Is Able to Hold It
    If your kid is already having some success using the potty chair, you should see a gradual increase in their number of successful bowel movements per day. For example, if your child was having one or two successful bowel movements per day, then you should expect to see an increase to three to five per day. If you start seeing this increase, then your kid is on the right track!

Finally, when your kid starts having more than five bowel movements per day, then it’s time to get them to the toilet seat A POTTY CHAIR KID TO A TOILET SEAT KID

While this does not always mean that your child is ready for the toilet right away, they will need additional training worth a few more weeks before mastering the art of potty training. However, it is an early sign that they are learning how to go in the potty. You should see this as a positive step towards toilet training.

  1. Your Child Has Stopped Wetting The Bed
    When your kid has started to poop and pee the right way in the potty chair and the accidents are becoming less frequent, it is time to observe their nap-time potty patterns. If they are having lesser potty accidents while they are asleep, it means that they have gained enough control over their bowel and bladder movements even when they nap.

Now, it’s time to show them the big toilet seat. Look for wet diapers, training pants, or undies after they wake up. If they are dry most of the time, it is time to make a transition from the training chair to the adult’s toilet.

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