How to Protect your Toddler from Eating their Poop?

Toddlers love to try new things; picking up anything they see and then trying to put it in their mouth is what all toddlers do instinctively. When they are able to crawl or walk, kids would want to get their hands on anything that comes their way. Normally, parents scold or teach them not to pick up dirty things. But when you teach them not to do it, they’re not going to listen and will try to experiment with it later. Instead of scolding or manhandling them if they pick or eat the poop, it’s better to teach them with action and example. 

For parents, it’s not an easy chore to just let them do it. Toddlers will keep on sticking their fingers into things and try to pull things out of their mouths anyway. They don’t know what the consequences are going to be, so they don’t care what they will be eating and if it’s bad for them. 

Eating poop is one of the most common accidents that can happen to toddlers. It is normal for kids to play with their poop and even try to eat it. However, there are some accidents in potty training that can lead to serious illnesses such as bacterial infections and food poisoning. If he starts doing so accidentally, he will later start doing it on purpose and eventually develop bad habits. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on your kid to prevent him from developing the bad habit. 

Why do Kids Eat Poop?

What if your toddler starts playing with their poop and sometimes ingest it? What would you do to prevent them from getting an infection or food poisoning? The answers are simple yet extremely arduous to implement in the little ones.

Let’s explore the common triggers that might let your kid pick up his poop and tries to eat it. 

Eating Disorders

The process of picking up poop means, first, picking up the poop and then holding it in the mouth. If your child is not a picky eater, then they probably eat all their meals in one sitting and don’t pick their poop up until later in the day or when nobody is there to stop them from doing it. Therefore, it is better to take care of your kid’s eating habits all the time. Keep their tummy full before potty time. This will reduce the chances of them eating up their feces. When they are hungry, they will try to ingest it readily. PROTECT YOUR TODDLER FROM EATING THEIR POOP?

If you do this, then they won’t have a chance to consume their own poop. Some toddlers do not eat the food properly and get to eat their poop when it’s there. If you notice that your kid is doing such behavior regularly, then immediately take them to a pediatrician and ask them to give your kid a thorough check-up. 

Unperfect Parenting

It is always better to clean your toddler’s poop before they ingest it, rather than waiting and watching what happens. Take good care of their pooping habits by changing the messy diapers when it’s filled. Keep an eye on the diaper leakages and if they are training for potty, never leave them unattended. If they try to play with their poop, stop them immediately and warn them never to do it again. If they are unable to respond or comprehend the warning signs, distract them with something eatable so that they won’t touch the poop again. 

Parents often get careless about their kids’ potty which ends up with children messing up their toilet habits. When your kid picks it up for the first time, he/she instinctively takes it in their mouth to swallow the poop. If a person isn’t watching over them, they’ll ingest it and get infected. Parents have a responsibility to watch their kids for bad habits and to nip them in the bud if their kids fall victim to an undesired medical condition. 

No Alternatives for Kids

Kids end up eating poop when they do not have anything to play with during potty training. They seldom perceive what’s good for them and what’s not. It is the parent’s task to teach the kids about good and bad eating. When your kid is training for the first time, keep them distracted with toys, a fruity chunk, a candy, a milk feeder, or anything they can play with or take to their mouth without getting into harm’s way. After good parental training, they will eventually understand what to eat or pick when they are sitting on a toilet training chair or crawling around without diapers.

Providing toddlers with alternatives will help to curb their poop-eating habits even if they are already introduced to them. If they still aren’t, better to train them beforehand about the poop-picking and eating practices. 

How to Protect your Kid from Eating Poop?

Kids should be educated about the dangers of eating poop from the start. Here are some tips on how to teach and protect your kids from eating poop.

  • Talk to them about the bad habit.
  • Make sure they know that if they eat poop, they will get sick.
  • Make sure they understand how to properly dispose of their poop i.e., in the toilet and not their stomachs.
  • Teach them not to lick the toilet bowl. This is a common way that kids learn to eat poop.
  • If you find poop in your house, or on your child’s hands, try to get rid of it right away. Do not let it sit around for too long.
  • Parents follow some important essentials for potty training 
  • Stay with them when it’s potty time. Do not move until the feces are disposed of and the kids are cleaned up. 
  • Set a potty-training schedule for your kid
  • Many times, kids find poop while playing outside. Never keep them out of sight, at least when they are hungry or without diapers.

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