How to Find the Best Toddler Step Stool for Potty Training

Potty training for kids requires stamina, endurance towards kids’ stubbornness, proper planning during the entire training process, and several other essentials including the right tools and equipment.

Speaking of the Age is suitable for Potty Training, it varies and depends on your kid’s personality, development, and family environment. The average age for starting potty training is around 18 months old. However, some parents are happy with their kids when they start to have bowel movements at about 3 years old.

With varied age groups, the tools required to potty train your child also vary. For ‘too little’ kids, low-key plastic pots are the best bet. For a little older toddler, a heightened toilet-like training chair works great.

If the child is too small for the potty training seat, he/she may require a step stool to reach the top. If they do, it will be a great addition to the rest of the months that will be spent on potty training. Step stools make a great tool for parents as well as kids in later stages of potty training for hygienic practices such as washing hands, going to the bathroom, or reaching for their favorite toys on a high shelf.the Best Toddler Step Stool for Potty Training

Before Buying a Step Stool for Potty Training

When looking for a step stool for your toddler who has just started training to potty and loves to climb, a few things must be taken care of. These include:

• Stability

A toddler who is just starting potty training needs something sturdy and stable to sit on. This means that the step stool must be able to withstand the baby’s weight without breaking. To be stable, the step stool should not move, tip over, or wobble. It is also important that the step stool does not have sharp edges and corners that could cut the baby. When looking for a step stool, consider one that has non-slip bottoms and squared dimensions that can easily sustain a baby’s weight and help them get on without hurting themselves.

• Adjustability

The step stool must have a large range of height. It means the perfect step stool must have between three to five height adjustment ranges. Greater adjustability helps parents and daycare training instructors to utilize the stool for years after potty training has been completed.

• Reach

The step stool should provide enough room to reach for the objects placed on the top shelf of the cabinets and the top of the door frames. After your child is adapted to the step stool, they might use it for various other purposes, such as washing hands after the potty, grabbing things out of their reach, or just playing with it for fun.

• Durability

The step stool should be made from long-lasting materials such as hard-bound plastic or metal frame. The material used in the step stool should not be easily breakable so you need not be worried about it hurting the baby. A step stool with a sturdy frame will be durable.

• Safety

Child safety features provide added protection to the child using the step stool. A child’s foot may slip and fall if there is no non-slip bottom. A child can fall backward if the step stool is not made safe by a non-skid surface. The back of the step stool must not be skewed because it could cause the child’s head to hit the edge of the stool when the child is standing up on the stool. Therefore, a step stool should be equipped with child safety features such as non-slip bottoms, a non-skid surface, and a non-skewable back.

• Storage

The step stool should be equipped with an easy way to store it when it’s not in use. The storage area must be big enough to fit all the parts and pieces of the step stool. In addition, there should be a hook or some other type of anchor in order to hang the step stool over the bathroom cabinet.Best Toddler Step Stool for Potty Training


Step stools are among the most important gear required by parents when potty training kids. They assist children in climbing the adult potty seat in the toilet and offer various uses even after the training process is completed. With the right step stool selection for potty training, it will prevent kids from getting hurt when trying to reach the toilet seat. Moreover, quality step stools for toddlers are comparably cheaper i.e., they cost between $10 to $30 at most and perform wonderfully during potty training lessons and beyond. Can’t find the best potty training step stool from the market? Try finding the trusted online vendor that sells the “Best Step Stool and Best training seats your kid love to sit on for Potty Training.” Amazon, Walmart, Target, or any other trusted local online directory will be a significant help in finding the right step stool for your potty training champ.

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