How Family Members Can Help Parents During Potty Training

A child’s behavior is a reflection of their parents and immediate clan. If they are stubborn, it is parents and grandparents who are to blame. If they are troublemakers, it is the parents who are at fault. But if they are kind, generous, and loving, it is the parents who are to be congratulated.

When potty training kids, parents should behave courteously and demand the same from family members. The entire family plays a part in raising a child and they should make it a team effort to help the kid make it through potty training. 

A potty training expert or a daycare potty trainer will give you the best tips for successful potty training your kid. He will teach you the right way of potty training and how to train them properly. However, it is the family that implements the process at home to make it successful. FAMILY MEMBERS CAN HELP PARENTS DURING POTTY TRAINING

Here’s how the family members can help the toddler during potty training to make it brief and successful: 

1. Helping Them When You Must 

During potty training, kids demand attention from all family members. Parents should direct the family members to help out the potty-goer whenever it’s time to pee or poop. Siblings and elders should assist in arranging the potty chair when mommy’s not around.

2. Being Around the Kid 

 The elder siblings should encourage the baby by going to the toilet with them and helping them out when sitting on the potty training seat. Also, family members have to be around to watch the toddler while he is doing his business, especially if the bathroom is a long distance away. If there’s an emergency or a potty accident is about to happen, get a potty chair and let them sit on it before calling mommy. 

3. Keep Them Motivated

The toddler needs to know that the family members will be around to watch him pee or poop during potty training. Kids are likely to feel embarrassed and frustrated about doing their business in front of family members.HOW FAMILY  CAN HELP PARENTS DURING POTTY TRAINING

So, it is better for them to learn at an early age that they can do it in front of their family without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. Encourage them by going to the bathroom in front of them and explain to them how it can help them stay clean and healthy.  

4. Set Up the Potty Chair When Needed 

A potty chair is a must-have for potty training toddlers. It helps to make it easy for them to go to the toilet whenever they need to do their business. Parents and family members must arrange the potty chair for toddlers when it’s training time.

When the kid is undergoing potty training, parents should position the training chair, wipes, potty-going toys, and books visible to all family members in sight so that they can be accessed by everyone when mommy’s not around at the potty time. 

5. Hire the Sibling 

Hiring the toddler’s sibling to potty train would help a great deal when you are not around on the watch. If you have another kid at home, offer them a ‘potty training allowance’ to take care of their sibling when it’s potty time. Offer rewards to your older child to make sure they do it without getting bored.

6. Create a Potty Training Timeline

If you’re planning to potty train your toddler, you need to set a timeline. Set a schedule to go potty before naptime, meals, playtime, and bedtime. It will be very frustrating if you don’t know when you will start potty training your toddler.

You need to write down the dates you plan to potty train the toddler and stick to it. Now, place this timetable where it’s visible to everyone in the house and ask the family members to follow it. This way, potty training a toddler would be hassle-free and less daunting for parents and accompanying dwellers. 


The key to successful potty training is to establish a routine. Firstly, it is important to teach your child how to recognize their own body signals to transition from diapers to training pants and underwear. During the process, your toddler will likely need active moral support from parents and other family members.

Parents should encourage everyone in the house to contribute towards raising a child, especially during potty training. When parents are not around, other family members should stick with the potty training plan and execute it when it’s time. 

Setting up the potty chair, getting wipes for him/her on the potty seat, asking them to sit on the training chair that they love to use, advising them on how to pull the training pants off and on, and providing them with toys and books during potty training are a few simple chores parents should assign to their elder kids to potty train a toddler when they are away. 

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