Fast and Easy Ways to Potty Train Your Son

Training boys for the potty is a more challenging task than toddler girls. Boys take more time to train for the potty than girls, sometimes more than three months until they are ready for the toilet seat. This is because boys tend to be more difficult and defiant when training. The key to success is patience and perseverance to handle the tough breed. When getting your boy ready for the system, make sure they have all the necessary tools to potty comfortably. Moreover, parents must prepare for the stubbornness of the male child when training them.

How to Train your Boy for the Potty:

In order to train boys for the potty, you will need:

A big potty chair –

One that fits your child’s height and width. A high back seat with armrests and footrests is best for boys who are just getting their shoes in the training pants. The chair should also have enough space for the child’s legs and arms. A potty training chair should be easy to lift and move around the house. There will always be potty accidents and emergencies that parents must bear to live with when potty training their male toddlers. Therefore, the potty should not be so bulky that it becomes cumbersome to carry from one room to another.WAYS TO POTTY TRAIN YOUR SON

Towels –

Towels should be soft and non-porous to avoid odors. You can purchase them in the store or make them yourself. They should fit easily on the chair. It is a good idea to keep extra towels on hand to wipe down the chair after every use.

Training Pants –

You would never want your kid to pee and poop around in the house; will you? Training pants are specially designed for kids who have just started potty training. They prevent spills and stains and are much easier to clean than regular undies. Training pants are a big must-have when training your son for the potty.

Splashguards –

For boys, splash guards are important tools to contain pee from spreading all over the potty training site. They are also helpful in containing and preventing accidents while playing outside in the training pants. Parents should start wearing splash guards to boy toddlers when they first begin using the potty.

Wipeable Pee Pads –

Wipeable Pee Pads are good for boys who are not yet ready to use toilet paper. They come in many different sizes and can be used on a regular basis.

Toilet Targets –

Toilet targets are made specifically for male toddlers to train them to aim for the correct target when potty training. The targets are shaped like a real toilet bowl, complete with a realistic lid that opens and closes.

Safety Padded Seats –

Safety padded seats protect little bottoms from the hard surfaces of other furniture. They are a necessity for children who are just learning to potty in the toilet or the potty training chair for boys.

The Right Way to Potty Train Your Son

Gear up for the potty training after he is 18 months old and the pee and poop patterns are becoming more predictable. If he is able to hold it for a few hours without wetting his diaper or the training pants, it is time to start potty training.

It is best to start potty training in the morning when your child is fresher and more alert. Your child will be more cooperative that way. Keep the environment clean and allow your child to get up to use the bathroom as needed.EASY WAYS TO POTTY TRAIN YOUR SON

Teach him to use the toilet on his own once he can stand up by himself and make him sit on the toilet for long periods. This will make him accustomed to the practice right from the beginning and the training will be concluded earlier than expected. Make sure he is used to sitting before you put him on the toilet later. It is important to not force your child to sit on the training seat. Instead, delude him with toys, cartoons, or anything of interest that will make him sit longer until the job is done.

It is also important to motivate your son to use the potty with rewards. Give him a treat or reward when he uses the potty instead of rewarding him for other activities such as eating or sleeping. For example, you could offer a small snack, a candy, or a few minutes of playing time if your son has used the potty.

If your child is toilet training, he will need a variety of toys. Toys that are easy to clean and can be used in different ways will help your child stay focused on using the potty.

A lot of children do not like the idea of going to the bathroom or the potty seat in the beginning, so it is best to start with a small area of the house. If your child is afraid of the bathroom, he may not use the potty at all.

You may have to spend some time with your child before you introduce him to the bathroom. Also, when you take your child to the bathroom, do not make any sudden movements or noises that might frighten him.


The most desirable age to potty train your male kid for potty training is between 18 to 36 months. However, the time to start the training process and execute it depends entirely on their bowel and bladder control. When they are able to get control over their pee and poop, it is time to step on the gas. Buy them a stool, a toilet target, a few safety pads, and a bigger potty seat to speed up the potty training.

Make sure that the toilet seat has adequate dimensions that match your kid’s height. Buy a seat that is at least three inches higher than the height of the child’s thighs. These potty training seats that your child love to use work great for longer periods. Moreover, they will train your son for the later stages when he is finally ready for the toilet seat.

Some Best Potty-Training Seats:

Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer

Prince Lionheart Potty Training Seat

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