Best Portable Potty Seats for Toddlers When Traveling 

Not all potty seats fit inside a car cabin, nor are they flexible enough to last a camping week. To solve this problem, portable seats were first introduced in the early 1900s. They were used by mothers with babies in their cars for short trips.BEST PORTABLE POTTY SEATS FOR TODDLERS WHEN TRAVELING

Later, portable potty seats were made smaller, more flexible, and even foldable. These were all designed to be carried by parents when their children needed a potty break when mums are shopping or on a family trip to a distant destination. This means that parents can take them with them anywhere — to restaurants, parks, and other public places — and use them while they’re out and about.

Portable potty training seats are a great way to help children learn to use the toilet while traveling. They are designed to be easy to clean and convenient to travel with. If your toddler shies away from a public restroom toilet because it is too big for them, an easy-to-travel-with portable potty seat is the best bet for you. These portable seats could be folded, bent, or wrapped into a small, flat package and then unfolded to make a comfortable seat for the baby.

Types of Portable Potty Seats for Kids When Traveling

Traveling with kids can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it also presents unique challenges. Kids need to eat and sleep while they are traveling, and you don’t want them to miss out on all the fun. There is a small difference between boys’ potty training seats and girls’ potty training seats. Potty training is one of the biggest challenges when traveling, but there are different types of potty seats that can help make traveling with kids easier.

Here are some of the best options for traveling with kids.

The Stool Seat 

Stool seats are made from plastic or vinyl and are suitable for use in public restrooms. They have a built-in tray that holds a small stool, making it easier to use the bathroom while you are on the road. The seat can easily be set up in front of a toilet or sink, and it doesn’t need to be attached to anything.


• Easy to setup
• Can be used in public bathrooms
• Works for kids at almost any age
• Comes in many styles


• They can be difficult to clean
• Doesn’t fold down
• It Can be difficult to maneuver in tight spaces
• May be too big for some restrooms

The Foldable Travel Potty

A foldable travel potty is a very popular option for traveling with kids. It comes in a variety of sizes and has a wide base to help with stability. It folds down into a very compact size, making it easy to pack in your luggage. The foldable travel potty is a portable toilet that folds up into a compact package that can fit in your car. It’s perfect for when you’re on the road and don’t have access to a restroom.


• Easy to fold down
• Very easy to transport
• Great for use in airplanes, restrooms, a vehicle, or wherever required
• Can be used as a regular potty, too.


• The plastic seat may get scratched during use
• Has no cover; you’ll need to make sure that it’s clean when you’re done using it.
• Not recommended if you have an aversion to folding and unfoldingGood PORTABLE POTTY SEATS FOR TODDLERS WHEN TRAVELING

Potty Seat with a Bag Liner

This version of the potty seat for toddlers with a bag liner is the most used type of travel potty. It’s basically a regular toilet with compacted dimensions to fit for travel but comes with a liner that you put over the seat. The liner keeps the seat from getting soiled and makes cleanup easier.

It’s also easy to use since you just pull it out of the bag and use it as a regular toilet. This kind of potty can be used in a variety of settings, including airplanes, cars, restrooms, at the beach, on camping trips, or wherever else you need to go.


• A great alternative to the foldable travel potty.
• It also helps keep things clean and tidy.
• Ease of use
• Can be used anywhere, such as in the car, at a picnic, at the beach, or at home.


• Requires a lot of cleaning once you get back home.
• Does not fold down.
• They can be pricey.

Disposable Potty Seat for Travel

A disposable travel potty is a kind of portable potty that has an attachable pad that can be pulled out and used to relieve your child while on a road trip. They are usually smaller than regular toilet seats and come with a carrying case so you can take them along for convenience.

Disposable potty seats are made exclusively for toddlers who need to potty when traveling. The idea behind these cardboard potty seats is to make travel pottying easy and convenient for toddlers by always providing a ready-to-use potty during the trip. The potty will work well in situations where there are no toilets available, such as long car rides or when there’s a potty emergency during the trip.PORTABLE POTTY SEATS

There’s no need to worry about toilet paper, wipes, or anything else – just pull it out from the bag and start using it as you would use a regular toilet. It comes with a carrying case and a lid to store it in. Disposable potty seats are generally more affordable than other kinds of travel potty.


• It’s lightweight,so it won’t take up too much space in your luggage.
• Disposable seats come in many sizes for toddlers and older kids.
• Some disposable potty seats come with a lid to keep urine from leaking through.
• They also come with a bag to carry them in.


• Some kids, especially older ones have difficulty using them.
• If your kid weighs more than the endurance limit, the disposable seat may break down.

The Final Word

Toddlers who are still learning to potty have a tough time controlling their bladder and bowel movements. This results in messy floors at home and dirty seats on the go. When traveling with the kids on a long tour, make sure to keep a portable potty beforehand to prevent pee and poop emergencies and accidents for the toddler.

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