5 Best Potty Training Books for Toddlers 

Training kids for potty is as long-winded as it is for kids who are making it for the first time. However, parents should take the charge of making their children learn all the working methods to potty training. This includes making them sit on the toilet in a proper way so that they can feel safe and protected while using the toilet. In addition to this, parents should also try to make kids go to the bathroom at a right time. It could be potty training videos that are cartoons, YouTube videos on potty training, toilet training manuals for parents, and pictorial story books for kids, whatever suits best and is working on your little one.

The first thing you need to do is to give your kid enough opportunities to learn how to use the toilet. You need to be sure that the child does not have any physical problems or illnesses which could interfere with his ability to learn and practice potty training. If he has any health problems such as constipation , accidents or bed wetting, you should talk to his doctor before you start potty training him. If everything is going well, it is time to educate them with potty-training storybooks.Best POTTY TRAINING BOOKS FOR TODDLERS

You can get good potty training books online and read them. These books will teach you how to make kids go to the bathroom at the right time and how to use the toilet correctly. Kids are naturally curious beings, and they would want to know more about everything. So, why not allow them to read these books and get familiar with potty training?

The method of teaching kids potty training is different from one child to another. Some children may need to be taught with the help of books while others might need to be taught by a daycare potty training instructor who understands kids and knows how to teach potty training. It is the parents who assume the trainer’s role when teaching kids how to do potty training. However, books also contribute towards making your kid’s potty training activity a success story.

How to Choose Potty Training Books for Children?

You need to think carefully about which books will be best suited to your child’s level of development. When buying potty training books for their kids, parents must consider the following points:

• Start by reading simple picture books. You’ll get a feel for the kind of books that your child likes.
• Read a range of books. Don’t limit yourself to one type of book. For example, don’t only read bedtime stories.
• Ask your friends. Ask them to recommend some books they would like to read to their children. This way, you won’t end up reading books you don’t want your child to read.
• Read reviews. If you’re looking for books with specific themes, look for books with positive reviews.

Best Potty Training Books for Toddlers

If you are a parent and have not yet tried the bookish method to potty train your little one, here are a few best potty training books for toddlers that could clear the way and make your kid learn the process faster and hassle-free.

  1. A Potty for Me
    This book is a great rhyming story with playful characters and enchanting pictures for kids. The baby in the book dances, rhymes, and sings when pooping on the potty. Also, the book continues with a worry-free plot that make parents and kids at ease if potty training is not going great for them. They can always pause the process and resume it later.
  2. Potty: Leslie Patricelli
    Leslie Patricelli offers rich humor and a great education in the book for toddlers. The plot follows the inner dialogue with babies shouting and making fun when they get out of their diapers and potty on the training seats. Leslie is a seasoned and well-known author of several books for toddlers. Her books on potty training are a blessing for inexperienced parents struggling to get along with their kids’ potty training.
  3. Potty Superhero
    Potty Superhero is an easy-to-digest fictional superhero book for toddlers with superb illustrations and high-quality colorful graphics your kid would love to embrace. The story depicts a toddler superhero who would encourage his age-fellows on how to use the potty when it’s time. The book will introduce your child to multiple potty-going concepts including the toilet, potty chair, best pants, and more.
  4. Once Upon a Potty
    One of the most trusted potty training books for toddlers, there’s a chance that your parents have trained you with this potty training book and your kids will make their children learn to potty with it too. There are two versions of the book, one for boys and the other for girls. The illustrations are timeless and immensely enchanting for kids to learn the concept.
    The boys’ version features Joshua and the girls’ version has Prudence as the main character. The narration is soft and motherly with simple language and understandable illustrations. Buy it if you want your kid to learn the process with ease.
  5. P is for Potty
    This book is for a bit older kid who has already learned the basics. For potty training, the book features two main characters, Elmo and Elbie. Both the cousins explore the different steps during potty training, from wipes to handwash, toilet paper, and more. If your kid has learned a bit about potty training from cartoons, parental training, and from YouTube, get a ‘P for Potty Training’ for them and experience the book’s magic.


    Books are a wonderful way to make kids learn about the simplest tasks. For toddlers who have just begun to learn how to potty in the potty training chair that they love to use or bathroom toilet, books with a simple storyline and illustrations along with a little guidance from parents will help them learn the concept more accurately than otherwise when they are toddlers. As they grow up, many children also start to read books themselves. They may be reading to you or to themselves, so it’s important to provide them with a good book to read.

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