the best potty training seats

Eyeing for the best potty training seats on Amazon? We have got you covered with all the right choices in the list and presented in this blog. Kids require security and comfort when stepping on their potty training seat for the first time. For added safety, potty trainers include low-profile chair arrangement with additional handles to make your child feel and ease when going for a routine potty training without fearing to fall of it.

When deciding the best potty seat for boys, make sure it is made with a comfortable plastic material that is simultaneously lightweight and sturdy. The standard high-quality potty seats are made with soft BPA-free plastics that prevent potty chairs from wearing out and deformation after recurring use.

Here are a few critical do’s and don’ts to consider before buying your best potty training seat on Amazon.

Comfort & Safety

best potty training seat - Comfort Safety Sometimes, hard plastic seating may cause rashes on a baby’s tender skin. To prevent inflammations, read the product description and customer reviews firsthand to check if it’s safe for the baby. Kids tend to stay and enjoy longer on a soft plastic pot. They learn fast on comfy pot lids and execute their training periods without annoying the parents.

Generally, kids are scared of lying on an adult toilet fearing they would fall down the seat hole. When making a transition from a pseudo toilet to the actual one, potty seat manufacturers provide removable top lids that can fit adult seats with integrated seat locks and handles. It makes them feel safer when sitting on a big seat later with the exact comfort as in training seats.

A few potty trainers have comfortable backrests to help kids train for longer periods without body itches and unwanted distractions. Body rashes are commonly caused by imperfect seat dimensions and cheap plastic materials inside the training seats. Spare a few more dollars and get your child a compact rubbery potty seat with armrests, backrest, and footrests for a fully secure training experience.

Design & Dimensions

potty training seat design

A good design is always worth an immediate purchase. When a customer decides on a beautiful design, it pays off with compactness, comfort, and added security for longterm. A perfectly designed potty seat adds in attraction for kids, making them fond of their potty trainers. When your kids start enjoying potty on their favourite colourful seat with animals and plants engraved on it, consider your money well spent on that training seat.

Nowadays, all the potty training seats are designed in a unisex pattern, including an added splashguard for boys. The splashguard prevents pee spills when boys make it to their potty training sessions. It keeps your potty trainer and adjacent floors clean and hygienic, saving a tiresome chore for parents to clean up the floor every time kids abandon the training seat.

A compact design ensures spaciousness from the inside and solidity from the outside. The top designed seats leave no space unused in their potty trainers. When buying the perfect seat, make sure there’s no more than a few cm difference between the circumference and bowl diameter. Larger the inner bowl, better will be its storage capacity.

Easy-to-clean training pots have ergonomic handles and finely designed potty bowls that do not create mess and odors while washing up. Buy an easy to wash training seat having handles to carry around. It also protects clothes and floor from staining and saves time.

The emergency potty stools have disposable potty bags that are littered off after usage. If your toddler loves park walks, buy a few packs of disposable potty sacks to instantly relieve the leftovers in adjacent dustbins without carrying them around unnecessarily.

Nursery fresheners are a big plus to improve your kid’s potty training habits. The natural deodorants for kids are attached to most of the newfangled potty training seats. Besides, kids fresheners are entirely organic, primarily made with the baking soda properties to neutralize bad odors almost instantly.

Reward your baby with a water flush sound after completing the job. The AA-powered battery cells in updated potty trainers emit fake flush sounds, nursery rhymes, and beautiful sounds to help kids stay longer on the training seat. Parents find it extremely useful to engage kids with rhyming and sounds when training for a toilet seat.

Babybjorn baby seats are made for kids to enjoy cheerfully and longer than required in their regular potty training sessions. The ergonomic design, comfortable build, and smooth exterior make everything perfectly apt for kids to lie on it and relish the experience happily.


Babybjorn potty chairs are safe and vigorous for kids to sit, have potty comfortably, and enjoy training for the toilet. Their sitting chairs are convenient to carry around and clean without making your hands dirty. The plastic is BPA-free with the highest possible comfort and convenience for kids and parents alike. The rubber packing to the rounded seat makes the potty chair secure and slip-free, and also allows for weight adjustments with its tough and tensile plastic body.

Ergonomic Design

The design includes a high-end plastic body with expandable BPA-free construction. The backrest is made higher than usual for kids to sit back and relax when training for the toilet. The inner potty seat is easy to clean with its two handles on either sides. Also, the splashguard prevents spills and stains when lifting out the seat for cleaning.

The inner pot secures enough space to avoid overspilling. There’s more than enough room for the trainer seat to get things done comfortably. The overall design is fantastic for kids.

Spacious & Comfy Construction

Potty training seats are not always vast enough to allow kids to get their legs spread out and place their backs against them. Babybjorn models are spacious and smartly designed with wholesome armrests and higher backrests. The plastic body won’t pinch your kid’s body; the perfect design keeps the child’s legs at ease after sitting down on the potty trainer for extended periods.

Babybjorn potty chairs are lightweight and easy to secure. The chair body is designed with pointed accuracy for kids to relax on it—BPA-free plastic guards against irritations and skin rashes. Feel free to let your kid do whatever they want when on a Babybjorn potty chair.


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The colorful and baby-friendly Summer Infant potty trainer is an awesome mix of fun and comfort. It has delightful tunes and flush sounds, convertible seats, and a clean operative build. Start training your baby right away with healthy toilet habits and fun-filled time on a Summer Infant potty seat.

Pragmatic Design

Summer Infant potty training seat looks as realistic as an adult seat. The design fulfils all the essentials to crown upon itself the title for best potty training seat for 18-month old kids. With splashguard and integrated wipes, the potty trainer offers luxurious features inside a single package. Your kids won’t hesitate to sit on the realistic potty trainer, and the transition from a trainer to the toilet would be effortless and familiar.

The dimensions are carefully packed to carry and place the trainer comfortably for adults. The trainer is conveniently small in dimensions and roomy in storage. The best design award definitely goes to My Size potty chair manufacturers.

Clean Operation

My Size potty training seats are made with high-quality BPA-free plastics. They are splash-resistant and blend conveniently with the kid’s body. The seat has a flip-up lid used in actual toilet seats and a splashguard for baby boys that prevents pee from spilling out of the potty trainer.

The wipe compartment at the top is to get kids familiar with the cleaning habits. The wipe storage on top of the trainer works the same as in adult seats. Besides, the structural dynamics of the plastic seat won’t stain your kid’s clothes or body. The intelligently designed exterior and interior allow complete separation and hassle-free storage to children.

To remove the remains, pull out the storage easily with dual handles without getting your hands dirty.

Sizable Storage

For 18-month-old kids and above, the storage space is sizable enough to prevent overflows. The Summer My Size features a vast 4.5 x 11.25″ interior seat, allowing kids to poo twice in the same tank without reaching the bowl’s full capacity. The exterior seating area is double in size as its interior. The seating accommodates weight up to 50lbs without straining the trainer’s inner build.

Battery-powered Flush Sounds

What makes your kid feel the real deal while sitting on a potty-training seat? The Summer My Size potty seat fulfils all the imitations of an actual toilet stool. The built-in flush sounds are satisfying for kids to emulate getting the work done successfully. Power on the flush sounds by installing two AA batteries and let them get a full adult-like experience with My Size potty seat.


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Munchkin Arm 3 in 1 Potty Chair

Munchkin Arm 3 in 1 Potty Chair

Why buy stool and potty seats separately for later if all can be bought once? Munchkin 3-in-1 trainer is a sturdily designed and vastly purposeful potty seat and trainer set for kids from age 12 months to a few years old. Guide them to pee, potty, and wash hands with the same trainer, and its vivid appearance will make your baby love to potty on it.

Enduring Build

Munchkin’s 3-in-1 potty training chair is sufficiently strong to absorb an adult’s accidental step on it. The textured top converts the chair to a stool for kids to reach quickly for a handwash or potty on an actual toilet seat. The top ring can be placed on an adult toilet to further the training experience if they have already aced the training period.

3-in-1 Multifeatured Design

The potty chair comes with a fantastic design along with its rigid plastic construction. Turn your kid’s chair to a stepping stool by placing the textured lid on top. The flush ring is removable, and it could be placed on any adult toilet seat for kids to sit on. The hard plastic is tensile, and it never breaks or slips when used as a stool or other toilet ring.

The potty storage bowl could be removed simply by pressing the front handle. When it’s unlocked, take out the bowl without getting your hands dirty and clean it up in seconds. After cleaning the potty bowl, lock the bowl again inside the training chair to use it again.

Integrated Nursery Freshener

The Munchkin potty chair features a nursery freshener disc to eliminate potty odors from the portable chair. The freshener is organically made from baking soda to protect kids from harmful chemical odors. It intelligently neutralizes the stinky smells coming out from the potty chair with its safe scents. Make sure to buy a few additional discs along with the complementary freshener available with the Munchkin potty stool.

Portable Parts

Munchkin potty chair is lightweight and easily portable from bedrooms to the toilet and back. The 3-in-1 replaceable design allows hassle-free movements, and you can easily remove the bowl for cleaning. The top lid could be placed correctly and effortlessly on an adult toilet whenever needed.


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Fisher Price Learn to Flush Potty

Fisher Price Learn to Flush Potty

The fisher-Price trainer is robust in both feel and construction with its multi-coated plastic design. The top lid can be converted to stool and backrest, or carry the top seat to an adult toilet for the next step in a kid’s potty training. From the base to the top lid, the plastic moulding is firm as well as elastic to endure temperature extremities perfectly.

Safe Design

Your kid needs special care when training for a toilet seat. Fisher-Price potty stool comes with a specific set up to make your kids feel at ease having their first experience on a toilet seat. The splash guard is integrated with the chair for baby boys for a comfortable and clean potty.

The dual handle design on the top lid help children feel at ease and safe. The handles also help in lifting the inner toilet bowl for potty cleaning processes. The potty ring serves multiple purposes alongside kids’ safety. They can be placed on top of the toilet seat for your child’s firsthand potty experience when they are experienced enough to move on to the real thing.

Secure Fit

Fisher-Price toddler’s training seat is safe and hazard-free for kids over 18 months. The BPA-free plastic never loses its chemical combination throughout the training period. Also, the removable parts are nicely locked for a secure fit. The seat interlocking allows tight grip and easy removal whenever it is used.

Splashguard Protects against spills outside the training stools. The bowl is firmly placed inside the outer seat and extremely easy to clean up after use. Simply unlock the plastic bowl with a front handle and remove bowls without staining your clothes or floor.

Secure Fit

Fisher-Price toddler’s training seat is safe and hazard-free for kids over 18 months. The BPA-free plastic never loses its chemical combination throughout the training period. Also, the removable parts are nicely locked for a secure fit. The seat interlocking allows tight grip and easy removal whenever it is used.

Splashguard Protects against spills outside the training stools. The bowl is firmly placed inside the outer seat and extremely easy to clean up after use. Simply unlock the plastic bowl with a front handle and remove bowls without staining your clothes or floor.

Multipurpose Top Lid

The top lid works as a multipurpose tool to secure the baby’s clothes from the potty bowl and help them move around when training. The top lid perfectly fits with the baby’s body without leaving a space between legs and plastic. It also features a handle for easy removal whenever needed.

The removable top lid can be placed on a regular toilet seat for your kid’s actual experience. The lid’s base fits well with any toilet seat except for the padded toilet seats.

Firm Torso Support

Kids won’t sit on an uncomfortable training seat. To make them feel secure and relaxed for longer durations, Fisher-Price potty trainers have fixed back support for kids to sit back and enjoy what they do. A beautiful smiley face is printed on the seat to make them feel all fun while having their potties.


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Seat your baby for a railroad trip with melodious tunes and flamboyant delights of a potty exercise by Thomas’s Railroad potty trainer. The airy structure, spacious diameter, and rewarding sounds make it a treat for kids to enjoy their time spent on a baby potty trainer.

Reward your Little Ones

Thomas & Friends potty chair is the ultimate training seat for little ones with toy sounds and tunes. The railroad sounds help kids stay on the seat for longer durations. It’s even better with water splashing sounds to reward them for their successful training session for the day. The AA powered battery cells last longer alongside delivering multiple fun sounds.

Grows with Your Child

Thomas Railroad potty stool is a convertible training chair for kids of all ages. From 18-month-olds and above, the potty seat works as a perfect step for kids to wash their hands off. When they grow a little, the top lid could be placed correctly on an adult toilet and give kids the experience and safety of an actual toilet.

The convertible toilet trainer features seat handles for kids to securely sit and enjoy for more minutes. To make it a convertible stool, remove the outer lid and pull down the backrest for a sturdy stepping bench for kids. The convertible stool serves a plethora of purposes for children, from washing hands to stepping on an adult toilet.

Low-Profile Build

The potty seat for kids ought to be low-profile for safety and easier access. Thomas & Friends have engineered their low-profile kids’ training chairs to make children feel secure every time they sit on the training bench. Conversely, the potty bowl has similar dimensions and storage capacity as in similar heightened seats.

Secure and Extensive Design

The best training seat for boys must have an integrated splash guard to prevent the mess they create on a potty chair. Railroad potty chair serves this purpose with a cute splashguard opening to the front for secure potty training without messing up the floor and surroundings.

The low-profile design is secure and comfortable compared with the regular training seats. The overall design is excellent for kids because of its toy-like structure, soothing sounds, and rewarding water flush music. The removable toilet lid could be placed anywhere, except for the padded toilet seats.


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Summer 3-in-1 potty seats are cozy and precise in both feel and look. If there’s a baby in your house, this one’s the must-have potty trainer you need to buy. The ease of access improved security, and wholesome design makes it worth a buy if you have a kid to train. Also, the neutral shape adjusts with any toilet seat.  

Chic and Portable Design

The Summer potty trainers are a masterclass in design and sturdy construction. The seats and stools feature a non-bendable BPA-free structure that lasts forever. The removable parts make commutation and usage even better with potty training for girls and boys.

Summer potty seat features a breathable green-bluish design to help kids sit back, relax, and enjoy their training minutes. The top lid is removable and is made softest to adjust with kids of all weight and size. For the love of colours to children, the Summer potty seat is filled with colourful contours and multiple hues to get them to stick with the potty trainer for extended periods.

Realistic Experience

The training seat has symmetrical dimensions similar to the adult toilet with all the minuscule design features. The side grips on the top lid help kids feel secure when training for the toilet seat. The dual holders provide security from spills and splashes by completely guarding the outer portion against the potty bowl. The rubber feet won’t slip on a smooth surface, and there’s a good backrest as in actual toilet seats for a backrest.

3-Stage Training

3-stage potty training helps both kids and parents getting familiar with the same seat from toddler training to the actual toilet seat. The Summer 3-stage trainer is the best potty seat for girls and boys. From individual pot training to the adult seat, the transition would be smooth and straightforward throughout the potty education period.

When the kid is experienced enough for an adult toilet, the Summer seat’s top lid will adjust flawlessly on top of any regular toilet seat. If yours is the padded seat, stage-2 won’t work. For tall kids, reaching a toilet seat isn’t a big enough deal. For shorter ones, the Summer step stool comes to the rescue with its stool-convertible base that is strong enough to endure heavyweights when reaching out to sink and toilets.

Hygiene-friendly Accessories

The Summer potty trainer has built-in hygiene building tools that help parents teach the kids how to clean up the mess after they are done with it. To the back, the potty chair includes a flushable wipes holder for trainees to learn the good habit of always cleaning themselves before getting up. There’s also a toilet tissue dispenser to the side for easy pickup and clean operation whenever needed.


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Munchkin potty trainer has a specialized rubbery bottom for anti-skid protection on a bigger toilet. And it has sturdy grips for kids to get hold of their training chairs safely. For parents, it is a 3-2-1 task to clean off messes anywhere without getting hands and clothes dirty. Munchkin seats are a BIG YES if your child loves to create chaos when potty training, especially the boys.

Lightweight & Handy Tool

Munchkin’s potty seat is a 1-piece training lid for your kid’s next step in training the skill of getting things rights in a toilet. Children are quick learners, and they need to get on the real seat without fearing falling down from it. Munchkin potty trainer is extremely lightweight and sturdy enough to endure heavy mass for a long time without bends or breaks.

The handiness is marked with its built-in handles for added security. The handles are spacious enough to get your kids a sense of security required for an elevated toilet seat.

Grippy Edges

Run of the mill training seats for big kids slides down the toilet seat for their slushy edges. Munchkin potty seats won’t slip, thanks to their elastic edges throughout the circumference of the training seat. The non-skid edges prevent training seats from moving down the slippery surface of a toilet seat. The lid edges get locked in with the toilet seat.

The sense of security adds extra confidence to kids in using the training seats more frequently. Both the handles and grippy edges are part of the extensive design by Munchkin embedded in a straightforward gadget with perfect dimensions.

Easy to Clean and Store

A gadget works best when it is easy to carry around. Munchkin potty training seat is easy as a pie when cleaning. To wash the seat off, pull out with an integrated plastic handle and clean the seat without getting your hands dirty. 

Munchkin also supports a hooked potty ring for easy cleaning and storage. Wash and store it quickly on the toilet seat with the hooked potty ring without messing up your body or toilet floor.

Universally Compatible

Munchkin toilet seats are compatible with almost all the standard toilet seats. The upper lid fits in perfectly with all the adult seats except for the padded ones. The padded toilet seats are not compatible with the Munchkin training seats.

Munchkin seats also have particular storage space for Arm & Hammer nursery fresheners with their all-organic baking soda deodorants for toilets. Tuck in the deodorant to the backside of your kid’s training seat for counteracting the foul odours coming out.  

Added Security for Boys

Munchkin manufactures the best potty training for tallboys. For foolproof security, the grip is aided with a frontal splashguard to prevent boys from peeing outside the toilet. The splashguard also prevents unnecessary spills on toddlers’ clothes.


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With the foldable legs, upright construction, and emergency-supported usage, the OXO TOT 2-in-1 potty trainer will prove to be your ultimate savior on a distant vacation. When it’s inevitable, kids do it in their pants. OXO TOT comes with a disposable bag attachment to its plastic body enabling kids to potty happily in a car, a park, or anywhere. OXO TOT will be there any time for a potty emergency.

Perfect for Emergencies

OXO potty chair is a suitable kids’ gadgets for age 12 months and above. The 2-in-1 potty chair is foldable and lightweight for travelling or anywhere inside the home. Besides, the emergency chair could also be used regularly for potty training.

The OXO chair easily fits in cars and storage compartments for an emergency, thanks to its foldable legs and contractable pieces. The disposable bags for emergency potty are available with the package. The storage bags are leakage-free and are soft in feel for the little ones.

Extremely Handy

Potty trainers are a bit bulkier in size and dimensions. They can’t be taken to the park or in a car for long trips. OXO 2-in-1 potty seat is a superb solution for travellers with kids. The portable toilet has legs that can be flipped inside for easy storage and back again when intended to be used.

They can also be placed on the regular toilet seats for toddlers and bigger kids. The legs get locked in the toilet arms for a spill- and slip-free toilet for your child. The seat size is made smaller for kids to fit nicely inside the toilet hole.

Leakage-resistant Plastic

The plastic material inside the OXO Tot potty chair is thick and bendable, with no harmful chemicals within. The BPA-free plastic is certified as the safest by European and American standards. The splashguard also protects baby boys from messing up their clothes and surroundings with its highly perfected design.

Easy to Clean

OXO potty seat is the easiest to clean as it comes with disposable and soft potty sacks. Gently remove the potty sacks from the outside and throw them in the litter. Your OXO chair will remain spotless of all the mess and dirt after kids are done with the job. If any, clean it up with tissue paper, and it’s as clean as new.


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Easy to clean and reuse, Nuby Toilet makes life easier for trainers and trainees. The seat locks well with an actual toilet, the edges are smoothed for a tightly round structure. The rounded edges also slip pee and potty stains downwards to ultimately help in easy cleaning

Good Suction & Comfortable

Nuby’s real potty training toilet has potty seat with the lid open and close. Also, you can easily remove it for cleaning purposes and its anti-skid rubber base prevents the potty chair from sliding. Your kid experience the real-life flushing sounds when he presses the flush button.

Nuby’s real potty training toilet is specially designed for both boys and girls that stay in place. It contains a back tank where you can place or fit baby wipes or toilet paper. It is designed to help your child transition comfortably to an adult-sized toilet.

Just Like an Adult Toilet

My real potty is the perfect training toilet for your kids. It looks and feels like an adult version toilet. The seat and lid can be removed easily for cleaning. You can remove the lid from the seat gently hinge outward to unlock from the toilet and easily clean it. You can also remove bowels from the base of the toilet and flush them out.

Nuby potty training toilet is a realistic training toilet that looks like and feels like an adult version toilet with real-life flushing sounds when your kid presses the flush button.

Outstanding Features

Nuby my real potty training toilet has features like real-life flushing sounds with a flush button also it contains a tank at its back for wet baby wipes where you can place full-sized wet baby wipes and a lid that opens and closes.

It is designed with a rubber integrated splash guard that prevents the toilet from sliding and stays in place while your child attending the toilet. Its main and very important feature is the removable pot. This removable pot helps in easy cleaning.

Nuby’s real potty training toilet is perfect, a very suitable and comfortable potty training toilet for children. Your child gains comfortable and easy potty training from this portable potty training toilet.

Also, it is designed with a special splash guard for kids to prevent them from accidents like falling, also prevents the toilet or pot from slipping or sliding from its place when a child is attending the toilet training. Nuby potty training toilet is a very classy, attractive, and cute toilet that attracts kids, it has a dispenser and tissue tank at its back just like an adult version toilet which you can easily remove for cleaning.


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Babybjorn toilet training seat will be the next step for your baby while getting along with their potty exercise on a real-world toilet. The trainer is made secure and comfortable for babies to get along with their training to a further stage. The plastic is made BPA-free with a plane surface to avoid rashes and microbial germs accumulation on the baby’s skin.

Easy to Use

Babybjorn toilet trainer toilet is a lightweight toilet trainer that is why it is easy for your kid to put on or take off without assistance. It is designed for both boys and girls and also for older children. As with older children, younger children can also be easily sit down on the toilet.  But it is not so safe for the children to do it by themselves, you should always help your child to climb up and down on the toilet.

It has a comfortable, secure, and ergonomic design that helps your child to sit correctly and prevent your child from accident or mishap. You can easily fit the toilet seat because it is very flexible in use, also you can easily clean the bowel from the toilet seat.

Fits Everywhere

Comfortable and secure seating, easy for your kid to put on and take off from toilet seat. Babybjorn toilet trainer helps your children to progress from using a diaper to a potty in a toilet seat easily and comfortably.

It can easily adjust and fits in most of the toilets. It has an adjustable dial that can provide you an adjustable and secure fit in any type of toilet even if you want to take a toilet trainer with you, you can easily take your trainer with you and adjust it onto another toilet.

babybjorn toilet trainer is available in white and black colors. It has a practical classy and comfortable design, premium quality, the highest safety standards, and the perfect toilet trainer for your little ones.

Impeccable Design

Babybjorn potty trainer is designed with soft smart lines that provide your child maximum comfort. also, smooth and comfortable rounded edges that prevent the child that potty won’t pinch their skin. Its inbuilt or inward-facing splashguard prevents spills, also increase your kid’s confidence. It can easily fit, replace and remove into any toilet. Its comfortable design and soft edges help the trainer to clean the pot easily by wipes or by running hot water.

It is designed to meet plastic safety standards in both Europe and USA that means its plastic or its material is rigorously being tested for BPA and also for health hazard substances.

Cleans Easily

Babybjorn toilet trainer is the best trainer for those families who don’t require the training seat because sometimes it is very difficult to handle and clean the seat. This product can fit almost all the toilet seats. No matter how large or small the toilet seat is, the babybjorn toilet trainer can easily fits on it.

The bottom of the toilet trainer and edges are made up of rubber that prevents the seat from slipping and sliding. Its built-in splash guards minimize the mess of the potty and help parents to clean the trainer easily with wipes or water. The curves of the toilet trainer also make it easy for kids to get on and off the toilet by themselves, helping them feel independent and encourage independence.


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Toddlers potty training takes time and patience. Making things more manageable, potty training seats are made with comfortable top lids, grippy handles and backrests, and rhythmic AA-powered sound skits to make things a bit easier for parents and babysitters. Before buying the best training seat for a baby, check if it is safe and sound for the little champ.

Also, comfortable seats tend to help kids with brisk training accomplishments than the cheaply designed and built potty trainers. Ensure that the toddler's toilet seat has a good side handle and backrest, removable top lid for later practice on an actual toilet seat, and a convertible stool design to help them reach the higher grounds when needed.

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